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Business Setup in Mainland

PRO Desk assist Investors from across the globe for formation of LLC, Professional & Sole Establishment License in UAE.

Freezone Business Setup

PRO Desk are authorized agent in registering company on behalf of Investors in various Free Zone in UAE.

PRO Services in Dubai

PRO Desk assist Corporate and Customers looking out for Time Saving and Hassle free service for any type of Visas in UAE.

Attestations in Dubai

PRO Desk also undertakes attestation of documents from various countries on behalf of clients as per the requirement from various Govt. authorities.

Welcome To PRO DESK

At PRO Desk we have panel of Expert team well equipped with immense knowledge about various government rules and legal procedure to provide professional services for formation of License and new business set up in Dubai Mainland and in different Free Zones.

Depending on the needs and the requirements of the clients we study and do the analysis to choose the right type of location for setting up a new business or for formation of license by complying all legal procedures. With our local Partner being at our side and guiding us with various processes for taking approval from different ministry making things look very convenient for Clients to concentrate on their business.

PRO Desk also provides PRO services to corporate as well as Individual person depending on their requirements. With wide knowledge and experienced staff we provide quick and efficient services for processing Visa be it a Employment, Partner Visa, Family Dependent Visa, etc.

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PRO Desk team value customer trust entrusted on us and ensures to maintain transparency and Honesty in our approach. Honesty and Transparency is not just a word but it is written in our values. We aim to exceed expectations of our clients and ensure the solutions agreed are implemented in practice.

We Have Reputation

PRO Desk team has thrived in assisting customer and has a reputation for providing an excellent customer service in various PRO Services. We are renowned for our commitment to excellence and thus have built a trust with our existing clients over the years. With our never say die attitude we have our clients recognize our value and our ability to find innovative solutions to the most complex problems.

We Get Results

PRO Desk team not only lay strategies to clients to start a new license but also make sure the approvals are done in stipulated time frame as committed to customer. We don’t do miracles, but we have being trained to perform the jobs and get results. We make our clients to take off their business on a healthy runway.